Free time


In 2020 I obtained the Italian sailing and motor boat license without limits from the coast.

In 2022 I obtained the qualification of UISP national first level instructor for cabin cruisers.

Sailing reminds me that the important thing is not to finish first, but to be able to face the unexpected and grasp the gifts that life has in store for us.

Sailing in the gulf of La Spezia


My apiary

I recently started taking care of some bee families as a hobbyist.

Sharing time outdoors with family and friends is regenerative .. like the sweet reward that these animals give us!


I often feel the call of the mountain, it doesn’t matter if on foot or by mountain bike but I feel the need to go there. I love woods, pastures, peaks, and … polenta!

“Ognuno di noi ha una quota prediletta in montagna, un paesaggio che gli somiglia e dove si sente bene.” [cit. Paolo Cognetti, Le otto montagne]

On the way to the vajolet towers